"Vedute (1991) was founded with the purpose to build up a collection of 3D-manuscripts: a library of three dimensional objects as visualized thoughts that make the concept of space accessible and tangible. Vedute invites artists, designers, architects and others active in different disciplines, to visualise their fascination with space in a work measuring 44 x 32 x 7 cm in closed form."

My contribution for their collection of manuscripts started as a stack of paper, that had the required measurements. This stack was then placed on an (apparently) abandoned industrial area. While the wind and the weather (and some people) did their work on it, I studied and mapped where each individual sheet ended up. After 2 weeks I collected the paper, and made an attempt to reverse the process that had turned this neat stack of white paper into a pile of dirt. Obviously, in this I didn't succeed.

Yet, this became manuscript no. 199, as part of the Vedute collection.

Collectie Vedute 0199